Logic Pro 9 EXS24 Sample Edit


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This is really stumping me. Say for example I have an audio file called 'Vox1' ..it's a vocal that goes 'Can you feel the heat' . I make 5 keygroups , C1, D1, E1, F1, and G1, and I want 'Can' to be on C1, 'You' to be on D1, etc.. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well if I put an instance of audio file 'Vox1' on each keygroup and then try editing the start points to give my my desired result, funny things happen. I start editing keygroup 2 and it affects keygroup 1. Anyone know how to sort this? Thanks T.K..
I've sussed it! When you press a key, the sample editor edits THAT keygroup, and not the one that you initially clicked on in the sampler
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