Logic Pro 9 EXS24 - That bug, dragging into zones/groups ares


A while back I was reading about a bug in the EXS24 editor, when it came to dragging audio into the zones/groups section. This was on one of the earlier releases of L9, I'm currently on the latest version.

To give an example in the Future Music folder are 35 .wav files, going from A#1.wav, A#2.wav, A#3.wav etc, basically all the notes from A#1 to G3. If I drag all of them into the zones/samples area and then click Auto-Map (I gather Auto-Map would be the correct option here?), what I find is that all the zones are stretched out across the keys. That is each individual note/zone all 35 are stretched across the keys, rather like lots of groups.

Whereas if I click Zone > Load Multiple Samples in the editor, and navigate to the folder, select all 35 files and then click Add All and then Auto-Map. All the samples are assigned correctly in one row on the zones/groups section.

Does anybody else find that?