Logic Pro 9 ExsManager disaster...


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Hi all,

So... as we all know ExsManager is no more since the Apple buyout, but I still have it running on my MacBook (version 3.3.12), and had been using it up until a few months ago for relinking with no problems.

A couple of days ago I decided it was time to sort out some of those incomplete and obsolete instruments... a little spring cleaning so to speak. BIG MISTAKE! After cleaning up duplicates, moving files around, relinking and thinking nothing of it, I loaded up a project, hit play and the meters hit the red :errr: cones nearly burst out of my speakers and audio stopped. After a little investigating, turns out that a few random samples on just about all of my EXS instruments have their volumes altered in a strange way (as can be seen in the edit window). The minimum possible volume should be -96, max is +12... but I'm seeing -400.000 or something crazy like that. This can be fixed manually, but try doing that for thousands of instruments. I suppose the newer Apple updates have left ExsManager behind for good :(

So more than a question this is more of a heads up to anyone who may be thinking (or not) about continuing to use ExsManager. I'm on a MacBook Pro mid 2010 running Lion.

Luckily I have everything backed up, although many hours have been wasted. If anyone has experienced something similar, it would be interesting to know if there is any workaround or suggestion to make it possible to still use ExsManager, or a way to sort out my instruments. Other than this, ExsManager seemed to be working fine. So frustrating!
I was just about to run a full re-linking for the first time since porting my system over from my old G5 to my new Mac Pro, so thanks for the warning! I'll try an instrument or two first before trying a full sweep. I'm running Snow Leopard, so I wonder if running EXS Manager in Lion could be the source of your trouble?
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Well... its a very random problem and doesn't occur on all instruments but is definitely ExsManager related. Make a backup copy of your sampler instruments folder and see how it goes, would be interesting to see if you have the same problem, but my guess is that with Snow Leopard you'll be fine (and I'm jealous).
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I haven't used EXSManager for a while as I re-linked all my sample libraries a long time ago. However, I never experienced the kind of problems mentioned in the first post. I haven't tried EXSManager in Lion so I can't comment about that.

I always found that it was best to only re-link small groups of samples and instruments - i.e. ones that definitely belong together. NEVER try to re-link everything on your drives at once as that would almost certainly result in errors and problems.

What we're all wondering is whether or not EXSManager will be incorporated in a future version of Logic, after its creator Redmatica was bought out by Apple in May 2012. Long-time Logic users will remember that Logic used to include a similar manager, but which took about 10-50 times longer to work than EXSManager. As always.....we have to wait and see.
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