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My first post and I'm probably going to ask something really stupid here but...

I use ULN-8 and Logic.

I want to send drums out to an external hardware reverb (Yamaha rev 7).
Can I not use the Balanced sends on the rear of the ULN-8 to do this? I cannot find any mention of it in documentation or net. I was hoping I would come out of the ULN-8 balanced sends- thru the rev7-back into ULN-8 line input.

I'm clearly missing something (braincells?). How should I be going about this?

Thanks in advance
From the ULN-8 Hardware Guide available in the MIO Console help menu or online here:

"Balanced Sends and Mic S/R Mode
The ULN-8 has eight balanced sends; these mirror the analog input you have selected to feed that channel's A/D convertor. For example, if you select the Mic input on analog channel 1, the output of that mic preamp will be available at send 1. If you select the Line input on analog channel 1, the Line in signal will be available at send 1. This allows you to use the sends as a splitter to feed a mixing console, recorder or other equipment.
The "Mic S/R" input mode creates pre-convertor inserts on a per-channel basis by utilizing the Mic input as the channel input and Line input as the insert return. For example, to insert a compressor on Analog 1:

Set Analog 1's input type to Mic S/R
Connect your signal (mic or line level) to Mic input 1
Connect Send 1 to your compressor's input
Connect your compressor's output to Line input 1
You have now inserted your compressor between the output of the mic preamp and the A/D convertor.
You cannot route signal from a DAW channel to the balanced sends; to route signals from your computer to the D/A convertors, you must use the Line/Monitor outputs."

Your drums need to be sent to the Line/Monitor outputs (Analog outs in the Mixer) and the returns can then be fed to the analog inputs.

Thanks v much for speedy help.

I don't think this covers my application though.

To clarify...
I am not using live analogue ins. My signal is coming from logic into MIO via Daw returns (3&4 for sake of arguament). I want to then send it out to external Reverb unit and back into ULN-8. I'll then want to record this verb back into logic.

Hope that makes more sense
Send your drums (on DAW 3&4) to the Analog outputs (on DAW 3&4 direct outs). The returns (from your Rev 7) go to the ULN-8's analog inputs and are sent to Logic via FW channels.

The pasted text was to help bring you up to speed on the use of the balanced sends; sorry if it muddled the answer.

Logic 9, ULN8 and the Bricasti M7 reverb

I have the following problem (and I have tried for many hours to fix it):
I am using Logic 9, ULN8 and the Bricasti reverb (using the digital in and out which I have connected to ULN8 1/5 using the green digital multicable).

How do I get the effect into Logic, so I can record or mix in Logic. How do I route a track in Logic to the Bricasti and back to logic, making a bus, and how do I simply insert the Bricasti on a track in Logic?
To integrate with logic, Your answer is in the plugin utility>I/o

There you can create sends from any track to the MIO console. You then need to setup your console to send back the audio to logic.

E.g. Create a new track in MIO console, put daw3 as input and fw3 as direct output. (after the plugins) you can now insert a MIO strip and use the character. You put an I/o plugin on your guitar track in logic and you're good to go!

For more information see p134 of the mh user guide
Or this SOS article

To send to your briscati, you'll need two strips in MIO console. One with daw 5/6 as input and analogue 5/6 as direct output. Another with say analogue 5/6 as input and fw5/6 as direct output. Then, having I/o plugin on an aux sending and receiving to 5/6 will have your verb used in logic. Add a MIO console connect plugin and things will be perfect!