Logic Pro 8 External Hard Drive Problem....please help


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Hey, I just started using an external drive to record too. It is 1TB, firewire 400. No problems there I think. When i go to start recording a track it takes logic like 30 secs to star recording. wondering what is the deal with the lag from the time I push record to when it starts recording. Any help would be awesome.....
I know that this doesn't answer your question directly but, if you record onto your computer's hard disc and then transfer projects to the external drive when they're done you can avoid any lag issues altogether. This is obviously useless advice if you really want/have to record to the external drive.
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i think it says fat32......

That would be your problem. You need to change that to a Mac OSX format. Go to Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility and use this program to format your drive. I suggest MacOSX Extended Journalled (but others may disagree). Leaving journalling off may be a little faster, but in the case of a major crash, you could lose all the files on that drive. Journalled, for the sake of a little sacrifice in speed, is safer. If you have this drive religously backed up you may then consider leaving journalling off.

I am assuming that the drive is at the moment empty ....

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