External Hard Drive Questions


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Hey guys. I just got a new iMac a few weeks ago, along with an interface (an M-audio Profire), and i just picked up Logic 9 today. Next on my list is an external drive. My issue: to run an external drive, I will either need to daisy chain, or get a firewire hub, since the iMac only has one FW port. A few questions about this:

-I am worried that a firewire hub might not be reliable enough for recording purposes. Are they, and does the quality of the hub affect functionality?

-It was suggested to me to just get a USB drive, record my projects locally and then move them to the drive. An AE instructor at my school told me this would most likely strain the hard drive and make it more prone to audio glitches, while the person who suggested the USB suggested the opposite: that the hub would strain the hard drive more. Can someone shed some light on this?

Also, any reccomendations for good drives that aren't overpriced? I've been looking at the Western Digital My Book studio.