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Logic 9 External hardware synth question

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by palmboom, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. palmboom

    palmboom New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I have some issues connecting a hardware synth to Logic. I am running Logic pro 9.0.0 on a Mac OS X 10.6.7. I have a Vermona Kick lancet ( and a traktor audio 10 USB audio interface.

    I have been watching tutorials on youtube but they all say something else. I'm new to working with hardware here.

    I set up the audio midi configuration which contains only the traktor audio 10 and the vermona. I virtually connected them to each other.

    After that, i created a new external midi track. In the library, the traktor audio interface appeared and i selected channel 3 (Prg 33=52)

    In the environment window, I clicked on midi instrument, new instrument. There i see a general midi device with the 16 blocks and named it vermona. I clicked on the 3 since the output goes to channel 3 of the soundcard. This might not be right, so i also clicked on 1 but nothing happens either.

    I also tried "˜new instrument' and i don't see the one with the 16 blocks

    I have a midi in cable from the vermona to the midi out of the soundcard. The output of the vermona goes to the input of channel 3 of the soundcard.

    I created a midi region and made a few notes. I made an audio channel under the external midi channel where i selected input 3 at I/O.

    When i hit play, the little light next to the mono button at the external midi channel blinks, so it is receiving a signal. But i don't hear anything. If i put headphones in the output of the vermona and physically trigger it, i hear a sound. When the midi notes are played, i don't hear anything.

    I don't know what is wrong, it should be relatively simple to hook up a mono hardware synth with only one sound coming out, but i can't get i to work

    The question i want to ask those who want help me here is the following one.

    What am i doing wrong here? Am i missing something? Or even better, how do you set up your external midi device?

    Or if you don't want to answer the question but know where a decent text or youtube clip how to setup an external synth, i would like to know.

    Thank you for reading, i hope you can help me out because i am about to throw my laptop out of the window, followed by a Vermona Kick Lancet.

  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Logician

    First off, forget the audio midi setup... it isn't really all that helpful in this situation.

    OK, lets start with audio only.

    In Logic, make sure the Traktor is selected as your audio device in the core audio driver window in your main preferences. Also, make sure your audio interface is connected to either a speaker setup, or headphones so you can monitor your audio.

    Next make a new audio instrument in Logic, and play it with your external midi keyboard.

    Q Do you hear anything? If not, your audio interface is not setup correctly.

    If so, continue to next step...

    Set your audio out of the Vermona Kick (Ill call is the VK from now on) into the first 2 inputs of the tracktor audio interface. Create a new audio track, and set it to input monitoring by pressing on the "I" on the channel strip.

    Press on the VK "Trigger" to check that you are getting audio.

    Q: Do you hear the VK now? If not, your not setup correctly, and check the audio out of the VK is going to the audio IN on the Tracktor interface. IF you do hear the VK, go on to the next step...

    Open Logic's environment later, and select the midi layer. There is usually a multi midi object there. delete it.

    Now, make a new midi instrument object (use the new menu in the environment to select this option), and in the inspector, make sure it is set to the midi out the VK is set to receive on... you probably want to name it "VK" as well so you know what object to select in the next step.

    *You didn't mention your midi interface... I'm assuming you have one and it's set from it's midi output to the VK midi input, ok). I suggest you leave the midi channel set to 1, and that your midi receive channel on the VK is set to 1.

    In the arrange window create a new midi track, and select the new midi instrument you just created (that should be named VK)

    Q: when you press on your controller midi device, a) do you see input notes in the midi monitor in your transport bar (if yes continue, if no, your master midi controller is not connected properly, please fix this),

    Q: do you see the same midi notes in the midi out on the transport? If not, your midi object is not selected or your "r" record key is not red (to allow midi through)...

    Now, if you hear your kick on the VK when you press your controller keyboard, your ready to go. As long as you have your midi object selected, and the "r" button is read, you can now record your midi data, and hear your kick at the same time.

    If you want to record the kick sound, just enable the "R" button on the audio track, setting your audio track into record, and press the record button on your transport.

    It's simple: out to in... midi out from your midi interface into the midi in of your VK, audio out of the MK to the audio in on the Traktor audio interface to hear the sound from the VK, make sure both tracks created (a midi track to trigger the VK, and the audio tracks "I" button is selected to hear the auto FROM the VK) and you are good to go.

    Complex answer, but it's actually a simple connection path once you understand the theory.

    Now, to make things a bit more complex... there is an external midi audio instrument you can use to both send the midi and have the audio return live into a single track object...

    If you get things working the first methods way, I can tell you have to use this object ;-)
  4. palmboom

    palmboom New Member

    hi george,

    thank you very much for taking the time to help me and write such an extensive answer. problem is that i lent the vermona to a friend, so i can't check it out. will do ofcourse when i have the vermona back, and hope i can get it to work soon.

    kind regards,


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