Logic Pro 9 External keyboard as midi controller


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I'm new to Logic and I have a Roland Juno D keyboard hooked up to Logic pro 9 via Roland UM-1G midi-usb interface.

I want to use the Roland keyboard as a midi controller to control the software instruments in the arrange window. I know that Logic is recognizing the interface because I can see "UM-1G" showing up in the Physical Input in the Clicks and Ports section of the Environment.

However when I select a software instrument in the arrange window and press the keys on the Roland nothing happens. What am I missing??


Do you also see MIDI notes and data in the MIDI Monitor in Logic's Transport?

If "control the software", means trigger sound, did you click on the R in the track header so that it's a solid red?
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Also, just to rule out the obvious, make the sure the cabling from the Physical Input in the Clicks and Ports layer reaches the Sequencer Input object.
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Doug Zangar

Speaking of obvious, you are using a Software Instrument track with an instrument loaded in it? Using an External MIDI track probably wont work for you.
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