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New to Mac and Logic.
I have Logic Express 9 and all I want to do is setup my cheap Yamaha psr-225gm so I can use it to input parts. Currently it is wired directly into a USB port (midi in and out to USB). I've tried setting up as software instrument and then choosing ext. instrument. Everything is fine until I open the external instrument window and it gives me no options for sounds.
Any advice would greatly appreciated.
Are you trying to use the sounds from your keyboard? Or do you just want to use it as an input device to trigger internal soft synths in Logic? If the latter, than no need for an external instrument track. Just make sure your keyboard is recognized in the Audio MIDI setup and on Logic's Physical Input; and then just use a regular software instrument track with your favorite plug in loaded in to generate the sound.

If the former, than you need to make audio connections as well as the USB connection.
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Thank you for responding.
It is the latter, but it's not recognized in audio midi setup.
I have a feeling I'm just missing something very simple here.
Is it because the cable is midi in/out to usb?
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Drivers. That's the missing element. You need to have the proper drivers installed in order for the Mac OS to recognize and communicate with the keyboard via USB.

If you have a traditional MIDI interface and connect it that way, than the Yamaha keyboard drivers aren't an issue.

Why don't you go online and download the latest drivers for that keyboard. I'm sure ti will solve the problem.
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I think you nailed the problem. There are tons of usb-midi drivers from Yamaha available, but none seem compatible for my keyboard. I guess it's too old. I figured since it was midi capable, it would work. I may have to get something newer.
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I may have to get something newer.
I can hardly imagine that there is no working driver for an USB keyboard. Maybe USB is broken on the device or, if you have a USB hub, it may be broken or a passive hub instead of an active one.

However, if nothing works, the keyboard should have MIDI jackets. If you have a MIDI interface, you can still use the keyboard over MIDI instead of USB.
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Thank you Eli and Peter! I know that this shouldn't be so complicated. That's why I'm pretty sure it's the keyboard I'm using.

It's not a usb keyboard. I have a MIDI to USB cable--the midi side in the keyboard and the usb into the computer. I downloaded the latest driver for "midi to usb" from Yamaha, but then searched some more and saw that it wasn't compatible for my keyboard. All of the Yamaha drivers available were for more later series keyboards. I assumed because it had MIDI jacks that I'd be able to use it.
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