Logic Pro 9 External processing delay handling / naming of outputs / bus usage


Hi All,

I have three questions Im hoping someone can assist with in Logic Express 9.

I am using 2 external units for processing and sampling of real time audio being the Korg Kaossilator Pro and Korg KP3. I am currently routing the outputs from other instruments to these devices in the mixer by the channel numbers and allowing a return from the instruments to logic which is recorded in another track.

My questions:

1) what are the basics for bus usage/setup in logic, I would like to be able to have 1 bus for each of these devices (currently I select outputs 17-18 and 21-22 for the outputs) so I can easily group the channels and have better names than output 17-18 etc.

2) how can I rename the outputs so that in the mixer they appear as the name of the devices they go to?

3) What is a good tactic to work with external processing as it introduces delays. I am currently routing everything to both processors so that they are delayed evenly, however I would prefer to keep more multi track recording channels used (ie not be forced to put everything via the external processing). Is there a way to create the delay in logic on channels not being routed to the external devices? Can midi be compensated for too? When playing arppegio's on external keyboards along with the processed audio I am having to manually compensate for the time delay when I hit the notes, I would rather have everything audio/midi in time all the time if possible (or as close as can be done).

Thanks in advance,