Logic Pro 9 External sound module as a Multi-Output Instrument

Hey guys

I want to use a Yamaha Motif XS6 as a 16 part sound module inside logic 9. I want to have 16 (instrument) tracks in logic, each one playing a different part from the motif (in essence, this would be just like opening a multi-timbral instrument like omnisphere and creating all the tracks using the "+" sign )

After having created a 16 midi module for the motif in the environment, I call up instrument tracks and insert the "External Instrument" plugin on them. On "Midi Destination", I'm assigning Motif XS6 Port 1, and I have the Motif assigned to inputs 7 and 8 in my apogee ensemble, so I do that on the plugin's input section. I also make sure each track has a different midi channel. And I also learned that the motif has to be in song or pattern mode for this to work.

So far so good, Im able to change tracks and get and record the different sounds coming from the Motif in Logic. The problem starts when I want to solo a track or record that as audio, as each note I play on any tracks, ALL THE OTHER TRACKS PLAY AS WELL... It's very weird, cause it's not like all the sounds are playing at once, it's just that the same sound is getting to all other tracks as well. So Im having problems with bouncing things as audio, or soloing just one track or changing volumes in any track, as it doesnt seem to work on one particular track.

Anybody been through this?

I think there are 2 ways for you:
-]Go to Preferences - Audio - General. Here you can change the setting at "Track Mute/Solo" to "CPU-saving (Slow response)
Then you can Solo the Tracks.

-The other way is not to Solo the Track but to solo the region. Therefor mark the region(s) you want to solo or record and then press the solo button on the transport (or use the key-command)
Greetings Uwe
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