Logic Pro 9 Extra MIDI Assigns go missing on channel strip in arrange window


Hey all,

I've not long upgraded from 7.2 to 9.1 and I'm having a niggling problem. I have MIDI instruments in the environment wired to VE PRO, and I control each individual MIDI channel from a single instrument. I make sure that 2 extra MIDI assigns are displayed in the channel strips for these instruments (by MIDI assign I mean extra rotary controls for freq/breath etc) so I can see where the settings for each instrument is at.

Now in L9 I add these to the channel strip in the mixer, then to the channel strip in the inspector, but the channel strip in the inspector doesn't remember them. Even if I save the file after I've made it display them there are only 2 there (rather than the 4 I'd like) the next time I run Logic.

This wasn't a problem with 7.2 - anyone know how to get them to behave?