Logic Pro 9 Extra pops/clicks after bounce.


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Hi, I recently finished an album. Bounced and burned the final and I am getting a couple pops here and there in the mix, usually before a drum part comes in. It sounds like a reverb snare effect. After editing/mixing, I deleted unused audio and made sure that my cuts weren't making this sound. I am thinking the computer might be getting a bit backed up when this happens preparing for the next series of audio tracks maybe....

Any ideas?

I will usually do 5ms crossfades on all audio editied tracks to prevent this kind of stuff.

Select all tracks/regions that have audio in the arrange window, go to the track inspector, and on the fade in and fade out, make the 0 to a 5...

Should fix and bad 0 crossings or DC offset.
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It could also be a buffer problem with a third party plug-in, Are you using any third party effects plug-ins and do they "come in" in relatively close proximity (ie: a bar or so after) to where you are hearing the clicks?
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