Logic Pro (X) extracting tempo track


How can I extract the tempo from a track which was recorded freely, not to a metronome and have Logic X build a tempo map? It is pretty rhythmic with no rallentandos or big deviations. Or if I could tap it in or visually put in the beats, I could do that too. But i just don't know how to do this in X.
I want to add a 'drummer' track. Right now, I can get the drummer track to start in the right place but the tempo is wrong, even though I used Detect Tempo of Selecte Region and set it to that.
The easiest least complicated way is to record a part where you tap out quarter notes (or whatever musical subdivision is most relevant) with a percussive sound. Tweak it in the piano roll as needed to make sure it is as accurate as possible. Select it. Then use the Beats from region function from the Beat Mapping menu in the Global Tracks. Logic will automatically calculate and generate a tempo map based on the position of those guide notes.
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