Logic Pro 8 Extremely Basic Logic 8 Questions from the new guy...


I'm brand new to this forum and super stoked to have found it! I'm a long time musician, Logic newbie. Been on a Mac for years, and have done some Garage band stuff, but this is obviously a whole new game.

My info:

Computer: Mac Pro 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Mac OS 10.7.2

Logic Express 8

I use an M-Audio Firewore solo interface

Sooo, a couple of real dumb questions:

1. For just basic recording of guitar into Logic, I can not seem to get 2 tracks to line up. I record the initial guitar track. I then create a new track to record a second part and when I play it all back, the 2nd track is like a half second or more delayed?! For the life of me can't figure this **** out. Yeah, I know, retarded right?

2. Any suggestions for a good, basic interface that is a little more advanced than this Firewire solo interface? It's pretty bare bones. Any other hardware suggestions?

3. Anyone hear of any Logic User Group members getting together in person to do workshops, share info, give lessons etc? Scary right, real people actually talking to each other!

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you guys can serve up!

1) are you listening to the first track while you are recording the second track? This problem might simply be caused by hardware latency, you may need to adjust your hardware settings to compensate...

2) There are tons of hardware devices out there, with all kinds of price points, features, etc. A lot of people here use MOTU interfaces, there is nothing really too special about their interfaces, but their *driver* support is excellent- this is probably the most important feature when selecting an interface- it can have all of these great specs, pre's, etc... but if it's not stable with Logic it's not gonna help you: http://imsproav.com/main/All-Authorized-Brands/Brands-M/Mark-of-the-Unicorn-MOTU.html

3) You're in San Diego- I'm sure there are enough Logic Users around your area that you could get a group going...
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I also use the M-Audio Firewire Solo for recording guitar and sometimes vocals too.

(please bear in mind with my response i'm completely new to logic)

I have had similar issues before but i find that if you record with fewest possible effects as possible (i tend to just use guitar amp pro) it helps with the latency thang. Some plugins are worse than others, Space Designer and Pitch Shifting seem to greatly increase the latency.

Also, could you not simply move the offending track to compensate for the latency?

Also, also check the M-Audio website to make sure you have the latest drivers.

Im probably talking nonsense but there you go!
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