F*** firewire card killed my uln 2


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Hiya boys and girls

Well part from being near Suicidal at the death of my beloved uln 2
What can I do ? I called 08457 90 90 90 but the Samaritans did seam to know much about metric halo gear.

I think its only the main board I have fitted new firewire card in mac and the uln2 powers up but mac can't see it i done full clean snow lepord and mio install and still no joy but have had time test more but the pre seem to work

Any one know were I can get it repair and how much for repairs or If i can get new board I live Near newcaslte upon tyne England

I am thinking more cash than I have
£30 + shipping each way + min £30 to look at it + prob £200 for new board its going cost lot to send to dealer

OR should I email MH and see if they can ship new board cant see that any one would even try to repair it they just swap master boards??

Do i just have to cry my self to sleep and save up for new baby



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Thanks Allen I have done what you have suggested but am not hope full its just one them things a freak thing and I just need to bitch

If a 2d kit is £400 or $600 a main board has to be more or they would not make the kit
A new main board has to be min £500 or $800 + fitting So its porb not economical to repair

But must say metric halo have very good rep and I thought it was great product (it did what it said on the tin) as they say and will just see what happens and I post more when I find out anything

Graeme (emearg)