Logic Pro X Fade Option in Region Inspector not there


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Hi guys, I've been trying to find my Fade Option in Region Inspector and I can't seem to find it. Under my Region Inspector there is options for "Mute" then "Quantize" then "Q Swing" then "Transpose" then "Fine Tune" then "Flex and Follow" and then finally "Gain". I do not see an "Other" option, which is what I think I need to get to the Fade Option in Region Inspector. How do i find it, or get the fade option into Region Inspector?


Sounds like you are looking at a MIDI region. There might be a "More" listed at the bottom with a disclosure triangle. Click it.
On a MIDI region you should see Delay, Dynamics, Gate Time, Clip Length, Score, Q-Velocity, etc.

There is no fade option on MIDI regions.

On an audio region you click on "More" and should see Delay, Fade In, Curve, Fade Out, Type, Curve, Reverse.

Handy little things.

I am running 10.4.2