fake "sul ponticello" in Logic


I have finally been able to get something in Logic which may work as a "sul ponticello". My attempts to buy VSL samples have come to naught after a year since they seem unable to answer my question there. (I checked out the articulations and can't find any except that a YouTube video shows one; not sure in which collection.)


I'm using the following plugins:

exciter with 67% harmonics, (frequency 20000)

flanger at 77% feedback, speed 0133HZ, intensity 95% and 81% on the mix.

equalizer set to +9.5 db at 3850 Hz, and +24 at 10,000 and -24.0 db at 80.0 Hz and 10.5db at 215.

I would also add the tremolo plugin if appropriate.

Any comments welcome.
I suppose this would work depending on the samples used, but I am also pretty sure that the sounds of the high end would be pretty nasty and very hissy with the "right" library.

There seems to be an older library, "London Solo Strings" that has this articulation and is only $150 or so.

I would suggest looking into other libraries with the correct articulation rather than the idea of using such extreme EQ settings as well as artificial vibrato. I'm pretty sure that, in the ned, you will be much happier with the final results.

And yes, VSL can be a handful too deal with but to come to their defense, they have become allot better over the last year. I would suggest trying to ask the question on their forums, where there are the VSL crew as well as more experienced composers who know the answers... another forum that is great is northern sounds.


Hi George,

I've now looked at these samples which, in part, seem pre-fab and I don't know what to make of them. I've looked at other similar libraries and don't understand why they are often giving specific trills, intervals, scales etc. I thought I could notate my own thought-out trills etc.

I can't say that using my own settings can be done without modifying them in each region. I have to do this according to the range and original sample of each instrument. I was merely giving the specs as I'd set them up in one sample instrument. I'm also dubious about using my own approach but I don't think these library samples give enough flexibility. Or do I misunderstand their intent?

As, for example, a sample-library based on trills? What's that all about?


Thanks PKM. I have started experimenting using my own settings as above in the "accompanied cadenza" of my sequence of the Elgar Violin Concerto and it works quite well there, at least so far.

I find I can't afford the VSL samples of sul pont. because they make you buy all sorts of things (the Special Edition, the SE Extrended and then the SE plus before you can get them. (It can easily run into a couple thousand dollars.)

I'ved looked at other libraries which, as far as I can see, attempt to supply recordings in place of the old notated sequences and I don't know if I'm ready for that.