Logic Pro Fast Forward

May not be exackty what you are looking for Pete, but how about these Key Commands?

Period to go forward one bar
Create Marker
Go to next Marker and set locators
Go to previous Marker and set locators
Split Regions/events at playhead position

Assuming your improvisation starts at Bar 1 Beat 1:

The playhead is at 1 1 1 1
1. Create Marker
2. Hit period 4 times to get to bar 5 quickly
3. Create Marker

Repeat as necessary until your arrangement has markers at every 4th bar.

You can now navigate quickly through your project in 4 bar steps using the go to next or previous marker key commands. Once at a marker, use Comm + T to split the region/s (which of course have to be selected in oder to be split), then go to next marker and set locations, Comm+T and you're flying...sort of :)
I wonder if it would make sense to ask Apple to modify the fast forward KC to allow the user to determine how many bars it moves?

kind regards

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