Logic Pro 9 Fast Track Ultra 8R (USB 2.0) & Logic Pro

Stephen Lugg

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I'm new to Logic Pro & the Mac (previous PC & old Logic Audio user).

Does anyone use an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R with Logic Pro and if so have you experienced any difficulties?

Any suggestions of alternatives for use with the iMac (quality is as much of a consideration as price).

I use a fair number of MIDI sound modules (to be controlled by a MOTU MIDI express 128) which I route through an external analogue mixer until mastering and need to record both Mic & Line inputs.

Thanks in advance,



I'm a big fan of Apogee's stuff. Quality is amazing there.

I also have an m-audio Fast Track Pro, which I use with ProTools MP. It has been very reliable and easy to use. Mine is almost 4, if not 5 years old and it just works, no hassles. M-audio seems to be on top of releasing new drivers for each OS update. In terms of quality... I work in pro audio and I like Neve and Great River and Crane Song stuff, so the mic pres aren't even in the same league. But having said that they are useable, and I don't think they suck. And really if you are just having fun and getting your ideas out, then that kind of quality isn't important anyway...

hope any of that helped.
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