favorite 3rd party delay plugins?

Per Boysen

I too like Fabfilter Timeless. I also use SoundToys Echoboy a lot. And a bit less often I use Ohmforce Ohmboyz (it has a good quick patch for stereo pan delay with LFO filter sweeping, something I also set up in Logic with TapeDelay and automating its high- and low pass filter).

One very special delay plugin I like is Augustus Loop by Expert Sleepers. What I particularly use in Augustus is the option to change the pitch of the delay. This can be done seamlessly (like tape/vinyl speed change) or musically pitched to half notes. When pitched by half notes you can "play" the delay loop by a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI region. Just imagine what cool sounding dynamic textures that can create! Recently I used four instances Augustus Loop to freeze a note from a lead line and then automated the pitch to slowly glide from four voice unison into a four part chord. A bit like the THX jingle sound, but instantly available in Logic with Augustus. It does a lot of more too...
Hey hi,
Thanks for the suggestions! Fabfilter's Timeless is fun and quite extreme like Ohmboyz and CamelPhat fx. I'm in download the demo week and so I downloaded the Line 6 Pod Farm and am very impressed with it. I think there's a lot of bang for the buck with it. The bass and guitar amps are great and the vocal and keyboard fx are pretty good too.


I use all of these at one time or another for delay:

Audio Damage • Ratshack Reverb
Audio Damage • Replicant
dB (Quantum FX) • Analog Dual Delay
dB • Hair Delay
dB • Pipe Delay
dB • QFX Ambient Pads
dB • QFX Flanger Delay
dB • QFX Loadza Filters
dB • QFX Sweep Delay 2
dB • QFX Sweeping Overdrive
dB • QFXQ Delay
dB • Re-Arrange
dB • Vintage Delay
dB • Vintage DirtDelay
GSi • WatKat (free, in combination with a gate or it lingers)
Line 6 • Pod Farm (internal delay modules)
Logic • RingShifter, Echo, and other built-in ones of course
Luxonix • LFX-1310 (free)
MDSP • Analog Delay
MDSP • Fire
Michael Norris • Spectral Granulation (free)
Michael Norris • Spectral Stretch (free)
Michael Norris • Spectral Tracing (free)
NI • Guitar Rig
NI • Reaktor5 FX
NI • Spektral Delay
Ohm • Hematohm
Ohm • Ohm Boyz
Pluggo •Â Average Injector (free)
Pluggo • FilterTaps (on buss) (free)
Pluggo • Resonation (free)
PSP • 42
PSP • 84
PSP • 608
PSP • Nitro
TAL • DUB (free)
Tone2 • Warmverb
U-He • Uhbik-D (delay)
UA • CS-1 (Channel Strip)
UA • DM-1 (Delay Modulator)
Valhalla • FreqEcho (free)
Waldorf • D-Pole (free)


Using Logic's simple plugins can be really amazing too. My favorite Logic delay is Echo, but you can make it way more interesting by using it on a bus with tremolo (in panning mode) followed optionally by Autofilter. By combining Logic plugins you can get results that outperform many 3rd party plugins.