Logic Studio apps FCB1010 help!


ive just got my FCB1010 today and want to use it for mainstage...

the learn function, and then pressing the pedals doesn't seem to be working, but in the complex world of CC, channels and all that stuff im not suprised

to get going quick, i downloaded the iFCB (demo version at the moment) software

and ive gone through a few tutorials on youtube but i got stuck at the iFCB part... it says in the bottom right that No Devices Connected

although the expression pedals do relate to the expression pedals on iFCB, well the B one does... but none of the pedals

i'm going into the MIDI input of my M-Audio Fast Track Pro 2... and the MIDI activity light is indicating it's receiving MIDI

cheers x


i have a pretty complex question here.

on the FCB1010 - i want...

** 1 - 4 are grouped on/offs **
(only one of the four can be on at anyone time)

** 5 - 10 are independant on/offs **

FOOTSWITCH 1 - clean
FOOTSWITCH 2 - drive
FOOTSWITCH 3 - distortion

obviously i dont want any combination of those sounds on at the same time, so like the actual physical FCB1010 does - the red light is either 1, 2, 3 or 4

however footswitches 5 - 10 i would like to be FX such as delay, flange etc - but i would like to use these sounds in combination with one of first 1-4 sounds

to put it in an example...

in a song... verses are clean with delay... so i'd like footswitch 1 & 5 to be lit up

choruses are drive with delay so i'd like to just press 2, and then 2 & 5 be lit up

i hope this makes sense,

1 - 4 are grouped on/offs | 5 - 10 are independant on/offs


it's explained here - as a combination set up... but no instructions!

http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/gJjYSg...TOs/FCB1010 Setup Options and Suggestions.pdf

Per Boysen


You need to reprogram the FCB1010 to make sure every button pad only sends one MIDI event (the one you should map in Mainstage to the function you want to control). Behringer ships these pedal boards pre configured for some guitar amp which means each button pad sends a lot of messages. If trying to use it that way with Mainstage it will be just a matter of random if the MIDI event you have mapped in Mainstage will arrive first or some other (that either doesn't work, since you have not mapped it to something in Mainstage, or it will make something not intended happen in Mainstage since you mapped in some other FCB patch)

Peter Ostry

Staff member
** 1 - 4 are grouped on/offs **
(only one of the four can be on at anyone time)
You can have this stomp box mode in Mainstage although it is a bit tricky to set it up. You cannot have this on the foot controller because you cannot tell it to switch a part of itself off when you switch another part on. You would need another software for the FCB1010 and this means changing the controller chip. I do not know if there is another foot controller in this price range on the market that supports stomp box mode in its original state.

First, try to live with the normal foot controller behavior, see it as a dumb device. if you cannot realize your visions in the software and not in another software between the controller and Mainstage, then look for solutions like Gordius.