Logic Pro 9 FCB1010 with Uno Chip & LE9 - Help!


Has anyone got experience of using the FCB1010/Uno/Stompbox to control the transport and Pedal Board parameters real time in Logic. I'm new to the FCB1010/Uno/Stompbox and I'm looking for guidance on how to set the FCB up and how to hook it up to Logic. I've got everything I thought I needed in terms of manuals etc. but at the moment I just not getting it. If there's a description of how to use the FCB/Uno with Logic out there please just point me at it!

p.s. if this post is in the wrong forum my apologises.
Well the transport stuff should be easy. Do you know what the pedals midi output for each foot pedal, and the pedals should also be assigned to a CC number.

Connect it up to Logic and hit each foot switch (FS) and move each pedal to determine this info, then go into Logic Pro's key commands and assign a midi command to the function you want that FS or pedal to control.

The important thing to to know A) what the device that is controlling is sending as far as type and value, and B) what you want to control with each pedal. Once you have that worked out, the key commands are where you want to go so you can program a midi value to trigger a function. Sounds harder than it is, I assure you. BUT you really need to work out what the FCB1010 is sending CC and note value wise.
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The problem is I'm not sure what the FCB1010/UnO is sending. I'd assumed that the Stompbox mode in FCB/UnO would just send some two different CC's or some other midi message to switch stuff on and off but I think it operates differently to that. That's part of my problem I'm not sure what programming I have to do in the FCB/UnO to achieve what I'm trying to do. I've done the very minimum so far - that's enabled SB Mode, enabled Toggle Mode and allocated different Midi Channels to the two CC foot switches (I'm not sure if that's required but I felt it was something I should do whilst in the Global set up phase). I fired up Midi Monitor on my Mac to see what was being sent but all that shows in the message field is "Invalid". So I don't don't if that's because I've still got some programming to do or there's another issue.
Thanks to Ottopia for the advice on iFCB but that software doesn't work with the UnO chip.
Thanks again for your advice I'll continue to try to work this out.
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Need HELP too

I'm using fcb1010 to turn guitar effects on and off.
I use midi learn function in logic. Everything working great except that led diode on FCB1010 is not synhronized with logic pedals(leds).
I don't know where is problem.

When I put distorsion on on bank00-program1 and delay bank00-program2 - only one led is shining-last one function on

I want use behringer 1010 live. I must see which effects i turn on-on BFC1010.

Is that possible?
Please help me.

Thank You Very Much
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I'm probably not the best person to give you advice as I'm new to using Logic with the FCB1010. However I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get my head round how the FCB works. So here's my thoughts:
1) Are you using the UnO chip?
2) If so have you activated Stompbox mode?
If your using a "standard" FCB (non UnO) the behaviour you describe is what I'd expect. The presets (foot switches) send the Midi messages you've programmed them to send and they are transmitted when the FS is depressed. When the next FS is pressed (perhaps activating another effect in Logic's Pedal Board) its led lights and the previous one extinguishes. However the effect in Pedal Board, that the first foot switch activated, will not deactivate unless a Midi message has been transmitted to turn it off as part of the second FS's Midi message. I think the standard FCB can emulate "Stompbox" behaviour but as I use the UnO version I can't help you with how to program it.
If your using the UnO you need to set the "Stompbox" mode which allows for the FS leds to remain lit as long as the SB is active.
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