FCPX Con in Cupertino...



I came across this Apple FCPX Summit for visual creatives happening this weekend. At first I thought to commend Apple for sponsoring such an event before I realized there are quite a few actual sponsors responsible for making this Final Cut Pro X "summit" actually happen. Still though, I guess Apple sees this as a confidence builder for the fledgling software and its user base as this is taking place right at Apple's show space next door to the headquarters.

Anyone here see the need or value in some sort of Logic "Summit?"
I don't think there has been such a convention, has there?
I don't necessarily see the need for one but this link did get me wondering about it. (Why FCPX and not Logic?)
Then again, FCPX has lost the war in the broadcast tv and film world thanks to their FCPX debacle some years back and the rise of Adobe's business model and Avid's workhorse reputation which left FCPX to become a tool for creating web content. This might be a good way to solidify that base.
And perhaps the actual sponsors of the event really only care about FCPX and not Logic, so there's that.
Anyway, I thought this was interesting that the actual FCPX project designers were speaking at this thing. I have to wonder if Apple ever let's the Logic developers out of their cages for some air! :)