Logic Pro 9 Few noob questions for beginner...


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Hi guys, I'm new here, so please be understanding...
I'm now happy user of Logic Pro 9, and i would like to start makin tracks, but there are few things that block me my inspiration:
1.When i take kick drum from Vengeance package and then i set tempo to 128 and i copy the kick by apple c and apple v it isnt synced with the grid( from 1 to 2 there should be 4 kicks) there are free spaces between kicks and i cant put kick correctly manually :( PIC:
And second question:
How can I make to put notes in piano roll by left button of the mouse ? I'm after change from FL Studio and it's hard to use right button :(

Sorry for my english, take care ! :)
When you are adding the kicks 1) your curser is in smart snap mode: that means when you zoom in and out the drag resolution changes. zoom in too much and what was an 1/8 note becomes a 1/16 note, etc. Try and zoom out more before you drop the samples.

Plus, your curser should also tell you where you are dropping the files, press and hold on the file and the start time will pop up... make sure it's on the correct beat.

Another way I do this is to open the edit list and change the times the samples play back.

In order to change the tool being used, hold down the escape key and select the one you want from the popup menu


Yes. And a neat trick for reverting back to your main tool, after your done with the one you selected from the pop-up, is to hit esc twice in succession.

I don't know about this if you're using Windows, but on a Mac you can set up a secondary tool for each of the main windows or panes and select that secondary tool easily. In any main window, say for instance Arrange, you'll see in the upper right-hand corner the image of the pointer tool (unless that's been changed but not usually) and next to it to the right some other tool's image. It's convenient to select the drop down for the tool button to the right and pick out some useful tool; then this tool can be used when in that window by simply holding down the command key. So if I'm drawing automation in the arrange for instance, I make it the Automation Curve tool. This way I drop my nodes and pull up and down where needed on a given track's automation line and hold down command for the Curve when I want to make a curve. Or it'll be the Automation Select Tool, if for instance I need to keep copying over some automation move and make minor adjustments after (like I am right now with the threshold of a noise gate). The pencil as second tool is also immensely helpful.