Logic Pro Fiddle, banjo and harmonica sounds?


Any suggestions for decent fiddle, banjo and harmonica sounds I can plug into LPX and use to trigger via midi?

There was a decent harmonica in the Logic Studio content called "Blues Harp." If you have Logic Studio, that's where I would start.

EDIT: If you can't find it in the library, it should be available in EXS24.
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I'm not crazy about Logic's Blues Harp - too much vibrato with no control.

There's a nice free harmonica over at Boldersounds:
(Other nice free sounds there too)

You can go a step further and add Pedalbaord, with a Wah-wah. With a bit of effort, it can sound pretty good.

I assume you've found the banjo and fiddle already. If not, just do a search for them in the EXS24 Library.
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