Logic Pro X File management: multiple sub-projects


Back to my looooong project with 100 poems/songs.
I want to pick out the 40 on the client's setlist, creating one project for each poem/song.
(these were recorded with differnt mics, different instrumentation ( just guits(s), kazoo, piano) or simply solo or duo voice.
Over 3 years, in separate sessions.

The problem:
The project folder contains the Project and and Audio files, Bounces, many earlier projects, Mastering files, spreadsheets, and so on.

I want to put all 40 single projects into a dedicated folder, but this means multiplying my Audio files 40 times.
If I simply put my projects in a separate folder without the Audio folder the project can;t find it's resources.

Is there a way to get round this?

Right now I will add the new 40 single projects into the main folder and then create a dedicated folder just with the aliases.

Any ways o split up my big project into a dedicated folder without losing the links to the one Audio Folder?



Does it have to be folders ? You can save projects without assets next to the source project and they will reference audio files from the one audio files folder.

Also, if a project can't find its audio files, you can click on Locate, point to the correct folder once and Logic will assume all other files to be there too.
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Hi Christian, thanks for reply. I've decided to move everything else OUT of the folder into other folders so I can keep these babies together with mamma :)