Logic Pro 9 Film Audio Question


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So I just finished a shoot and realized I made the horrible mistake of recording to 44.1 khz. I'm currently going through and bouncing the files out of logic into 48 khz 16 bit files in desperate attempt to fix this error. I'm just wondering if anyone in film can confirm that this will work and these files will now synch with my directors film files?
I haven't had to deal with this often, and not recently. But, if memory serves, you should be OK.

You will have problems if:

Files are not placed in right location.

Software they will go to is not set at 48 k.
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Doug and Pete, thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate it. I believe this will work as well I just wanted an outside opinion on it.

My director/producer is freaking out (as am I) and it's becoming an ugly scene between the two of us. We both really appreciate the re assurance.
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A word of advice for the future: don't mention an issue like this until after you have tried all things to fix it. most times a client doesn't require knowing if I made an error or not, especially when 99% of the time it can be fixed without anyone getting their selves upset for nothing.
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Duly noted George, unfortunately I had handed over all the audio files in the wrong format and my director was the one who noticed. I thought I had set my logic templates to 48 so I thought everything was good, alas I had not.

We're not even done pre production though, we have another shoot at the end of october so we have plenty of time to right the wrongs here.
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