Logic Pro 9 Film Scoring Workflow - Audio Sync For Each Cue


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Just interested to see how other people approach this problem.

I'm scoring a feature at the moment - each cue is in a separate logic session. To begin a new cue I change the 'plays at SMPTE' setting in the synchronisation menu - no problems. However I always use the 'import audio from movie' function so I have control over the movie audio (as opposed to setting a set level in the video tab), but even when I use the 'Lock SMPTE' function on this file, the audio starts at bar 1, and so is obviously out of sync with the movie.

With the movie i'm currently scoring i've actually got 3 audio files for the movie audio (dialogue/temp music/SFX) which need to always sync with the film - however currently the only way I can find to do this is manually cutting and shuffling the files around until they line up with the movie, but there surely must be a better and much quicker way!? If I have to do it this way for all 35 or so cues in the movie surely all of my hair will fall out by the audio dub date?

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received, as this must be an issue that a lot of people deal with (hopefully in a smarter way than me) every day!

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Try this:

Import all your data into a new Logic song file at bar 1 beat 1, and confirm that they line up.

Then group all these tracks to group 1.

Then start with this template for each cue.

When you begin, decide what your start time will be per cue, and in Logic put a new cut at the point you want your new cue to start, and then delete the audio before the cut, and grab a region, and move it to the beginning of your song or where you want them to be.

Since I am unsure of how you want to actually work (each cue starting at it's own simpte time or????) I can say that, at least using a group function, all your audio is married to the other, and by moving 1 part, the others will also move.

The important thing is to make sure your audio and video all starts at the same point (usually a 10 seconds or 2 second before the movies image starts). That way your audio already lines up to picture, and as long as it's grouped together, t acts like 1 single chunk of data.

Is that what you mean?



I haven't had to do this for a while, as I no longer do a ton of video work but...

When I had to figure out this type of issue, I used logic 7 203 Logic For Video Editors, by Martin sitter, he is the guy who started that company. I know it is a bit old, but he was the courseware trainer for logic at the time. Sounds like you are more experienced than I was, but it sure helped me figure out some logic puzzles.


Keep in mind that Logic will allow you to move a video start time any time prior to bar one with no limit, whereas any audio files and start no earlier then bar "negative 8". This can cause them to lose sync, and is why you have to snip and remove the prior audio before shifting things earlier.


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Starting before bar 1 beat 1 in Logic results in seriously unpredictable behaviour, especially when attempting to bounce.

Best thing to do is create a template as George recommended and then save new versions per cue with the vid & audio already locked.

Doug Zangar

Adding to what has already been mentioned.....

You can cut your film into cues with QT - I do this. I always leave some pre roll and post roll. I have a different video for each cue. This way the audio tracks are not a problem. The disadvantages are the time to do this ( a minute or so for each cue) and the increase in files on the hard drive.

You can make reference to the same movie and change your start time. But you have to plan a bit. As George and Jon mentioned, you'll have to trim your audio. I do this first. So I need 1M5 to start at 01:08:02:00. I'll navigate the play head to 01:08:00:00 (or earlier) and cut audio and delete what's on the left. Then I'll move my movie to the start where I cut the audio. Audio should be on bar one, beat one.

As advised already, do not start project earlier than


Interesting discussion. I do what Doug does and it works quite well. 25 years later Im sill trying to streamline and organize some way of having FEWER songs than cues. Right now I have over 65 songs for one feature I am doing. (hurumph)

Its all about method of organization. Spend a good deal of time thinking about it and STANDARDIZE. Thats my 2 pfennigs...