Finale or Sibelius and Logic?

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Hey Skipsax,

As a long time Finale user (both Allegro and Finale), I switched to Sibelius mainly because it was the native transcription tool supported by Pro Tools 8. After having used both tools extensively, I have to admit, I prefer Sibelius. You are correct in that it is easier to edit existing charts with Sibelius versus Finale.

That's not to say that Finale isn't a great is. But, Sibelius has an edge with regards to usability. I haven't used it in conjunction with Logic 8/9 yet, but I will. I'd appreciate any of your findings and/or advice on interfacing the two.

Regarding notation tools, Sibelius is outstanding. I used Finale a long time ago and found Sibelius far superior. I expect that Finale has improved since then, but so has Sibelius. Most importantly, these are Notation tools. Logic has a notation section but it is nothing compared to Sibelius or Finale. Logic does many things very well however, if I want to write music, as opposed to recording music, I will use a notation program. I then save as a midi file if I want to bring it into Logic. Why am I saying all this? It is of primary importance to determine how you want to create music. Someday, perhaps, DAW's and notation programs will be one and the same. As of now, they are not, although there is quite a bit of overlap. Just as a garden rake is not a garden hoe, you must pick the tool that works for the job you have.
I love Sibelius. I see something I want to edit, I click on it and edit it. Finale, on the other hand requires selecting a tool before you do whatever it is that you want - much like Logic.

Question: How many of you out there use Finale and Logic? How many use Sibelius and Logic? Any correlation between the tool selection necessary in Finale and Logic?

Thanks much. Just curious as I attempt to learn Logic 9 and use it along with Sibelius, rather than Finale.


Not one of your choices but Logic & Logic work very well.

Hey Skip,

What specifically are you trying to do - notation wise - that you are having trouble with? Logic's notation, although limited compared to dedicated notation programs, is generally fine for most routine notation and lead sheet type tasks.

I know you are just finding your legs with Logic, but think of the score window as just another one of the MIDI editors, but with options for formatting and layout. I think you'll find you'll most likely be able to do what you need with it. And it will save you having to import/export SMFs back and forth.
I was going to say something similar. I know you asked about Sibelius and Finale, but if you need to go backwards and forwards between one of those and Logic, and you haven't exhausted the possibilities of using Logic Score, then I'd also recommend you try it out.

Of course if you have a publisher or client that insists on Sibelius or Finale that's another issue, but it's a real pain to import/export and so much nicer to have everything in one application.

I find for nearly all my sessions, Logic is adequate, and in some respects better than Sibelius.
Logic makes no sense to me at all, although I am committed to learning it

Don't give up. It will all be revealed to you in due time. The universe will unfold as it needs to and all will fall into place, and it will all make perfect sense to you.

The question I had (which really is just for conversation sake) is this:
Do others out there see a similarity in the necessity to use tools in Logic as in Finale? In other words, Sibelius does not require tool selection to edit what you see. Finale does require tool selection for just about every operation.

It all depends what kind of editing you are talking about. In Logic's score window, you can do many basic edits strictly with key commands. Including: making selections, altering note lengths, altering note on positions, cut copy paste, etc. For some other editing you do need specific tools, like quantizing specific notes, scaling velocities, formatting the layout of the bars on the line, etc.

I hope this, at least partially, answers your question.
Eli, Do you know how to delete this thread? I'm completely misunderstood - or I completely misrepresented what I was asking. It is understandable that when I made the comparison to Finale and Sibelius to Logic, people like yourself assumed I was talking about the notation or score capabilities in Logic. I was not. It was a very general reference to tool selection being necessary in different applications. Gosh, I'm confusing myself now! :) How do you delete a thread. This one is way off track and just confusing to anyone who reads it. Thanks Eli.
Eli, Do you know how to delete this thread?

It isn't possible for users to delete threads. As you have removed all your comments, thus rendering the thread pretty much useless, it makes little sense to leave it in the Logic 9 area, so I moved it to the Lounge. Deleting a thread would involve deleting posts from several users, which would not be fair.

kind regards

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