Logic Pro X Fine tuning Ozone 7


I'm trying to automate the Input gain, but my Logic automation tool only allows unit increments. I need at least one decimal point increment control.

Suggestions how to do this?



Pete Thomas

Staff member
Does the gain control of the plugin itself allow finer increments?

For example, the Logic native gain plugin can have the gain automated via 1/10 dB, so your workaround would be to use and automate a Logic gain before the Ozone.

Also, try zooming the track or hold CTRL. Depending on zoom of track you may need to hold CTRL to get the small increments.


> Does the gain control of the plugin itself allow finer increments?
yes, it allows one place of decimals. eg. I can get -4.7, whereas the track automation only gives me -4 or -5.

> automate a Logic gain before the Ozone.
yes, that would do it. I'd have to send all tracks to a stereo bus, then put a gain plugin in there

> try zooming the track or hold CTRL.
doesn't work, sadly

Is it possible to view automation values as a list?



Control-Q shows the automation list for Logic's own automation, perhaps it also shows plug-in automation too? I've never tried that.


that's a great suggestion Sonny, that command ( in my case, for some reason, it's <Apple-cmnd-E>) is new to me, and may prove useful. Thanks

However, where the event list allows values of 0-127 in both cases, with the logic automation it's sensitive to one decimal place, with the Ozone automation, it's sensitive to units only.

I might end up, as suggested above, by sending all tracks to a stereo buss and using logic's Gain plugin.

PLaying a bit with your key command, the list shows ALL automation. So with a track with say, 3 or more different automations going on, it must be a bit confusing to be able to edit. sure, I can hide controllers, but I can;t see how to hide/show selected plugin automation events. Perhaps someone knows?

Two (possible) sides to the observed behavior:
1) Gain usually is a logarithmic scale, which means increments at the bottom of the scale are not the same as those at the top of the scale. Record a bit of Gain-automation, open the Automation Event list (cmd-ctrl-E), and now delete all but 4 Fader events. Set their timestamp to e.g. start of bar 1/2/3/4 resp, and their values to 0 / 1 / 126 /127. Play the track and observe the Gain slider -- the 0/1 transition probably gives a different value-jump at the bottom than the 126/127 transition does at the top.
2) The Gain slider's internal resolution probably is more than 128 steps. I.e. if you drag the fader up from bottom to top, it allows you to set more than 128 different values. MIDI only allows 128 values though (yes, I know about 14-bit -- not going there now.. :), so if this is the case what you want simply cannot be achieved. Simple test: insert 2 automation events in the Automation Event list, one with value 63, the other with value 64. Play, and watch the 2 values the Gain fader now is set to. Stop playback. Can you now drag the fader (manual, with the mouse) to an in-between value? Probably "yes". There you are... resolution problem.


I tried the single unit change at the bottom and top ends of the scale, and didn't see much difference in fader movement.
I am still unclear why vanilla 'Volume' events can be set to , say, -4.5, whereas Ozone 7 events can only be set to -4 or -5.

Thanks for the input, that must've cost you quite a bit of time :) I appreciate it

It all depends on how the manufacturer maps the fader range to the 128 MIDI values used in automation, I guess. If you had a fader ranging from 0 to 256, it could be that each MIDI controller increment moved the fader up by +2 for example -- simple lineair behaviour (note that in this case with automation you would never be able to set the fader to an odd value, but only to even values). But if you have a logarithmic volume fader, it might be that the MIDI CC 0-1 increment moves the fader from -60 to -54 dB (+6), whereas a CC 110-111 change could increase the fader from, say, 2.0 to 2.2 dB (+0.2).
In other words: comparing the behavior of the Ozone Gain fader with the Logic mixer volume fader is probably pointless. Apples & oranges and all that :).