Logic Pro 9 first note Jump volume up


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hello.i have an issue with logic.when i play a project and click forward or backward,first note from all channels expecialy mini channels (kick,bass) volume jump up.is very bad to work with this,expecialy when i have limiter on master output,you can imagine how louder is.i'm using macbook pro logic 9.1.3. with 4gb ram.
Sounds like maybe you've imported a MIDI file that has volume events in it. You need to strip these out. Easiest way is in the Event List. Open the region in the Event List (hit E on your keyboard) and you should be able to clearly see the CC 07 events (probably at the beginning of the region). Select them and hit delete.
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Either that or the attack time on your limiter/compressor is long, and you are using a boatload of compression (your threshold is low, so you are compressing a large about, over 6 or more DB).

If this is the cause, try and bounce the track, then go in with the sample editor and decrease the first notes level so it is the same, OR you can go and find the next note that is the same pitch, copy it, and replace the first note with it. Tis should remove the initial jump you are getting as the compressor starts to bite.
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thanks for your answers.i forgat to mention here,that all 'problem' was when i loop 4 metres for example,and then i listen first time this problem.first note plays MUCH louder than other note's on loop at midi channels (kick,bass).i found the solution in general preferences,cycle, and i change cycle pre-processing from off,to 1/192.then,the problem disapears on loop only.
Eli,i cant find CC.07 (i think is note).is my english a little bit,i'm a almost niewbe on Logic,so i did understand exacly that you try to tell me.
George,i bypass limiter,but is the same.i think that you tell is velocity too right?
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