First Post Here - Summer Time


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This is my first post here, so if I don't follow your protocols just right, please let me know. I am a former Sonar user, and just got a new Mac Mini about a month ago. I switched over to Logic Express 9. This is my second recording with it.

It got up to about 90 degrees here in Central Texas on Sunday, and it got me thinking about Summer, so I came home and wrote this song. Please let me know what you think...


Hi there,

Welcome to the LUG. Very nicely crafted song, and nice arranging. It has a nice relaxed feel and vibe to it that makes it very easy to listen to.

But I think the title has been used before :D
Thanks Eli! Glad you like it.

I don't think that title has been used more than a few hundred times, though. :D

Thanks again,