Logic Pro 9 Flex time and Flex pitch switching question


I moved the attack of some notes with flex time but when I switch back to Flex Pitch it jumps back to the way it was. I don't get it. How can I save Flex Time edits?
So when I get that message saying 'do you want to suspend flex pitch?' when I switch to flextime, it remembers the pitch editing I've done, right? Or not? I can't remember though I've come up against it several times.
So one should bounce in place before switching either way, eh?
I wish I could cut up the audio into smaller regions and move them around to get the timing, but this seems very difficult among takes.
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why not make your timing adjustments in flex pitch?

For 90% or more of circumstances that would be the way to go, I think. It would be good to be able to do it sometimes though. For example, when a whole phrase needs to be earlier or later. Also, I'll lose the pitch information if I switch to flextime, right? When switching to FlexTime after doing some FlexPitch and it says do you want to suspend Flex Pitch, does 'suspend' mean lose your pitch edits?
A friend told me it is possible to move the bar in flex Pitch to change the position in a limited way.

I would be very interested to hear how others work. Do you have a formula? Do flex pitch or flex time first? Switch back and forth?
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