Logic Pro X Flex Time Methodology: Only compress/stretch to left?


Hello -

1. Is there a way to add flex markers and move them, such that they only adjust the audio data to the left (assuming there are no more flex markers added yet to the right)? I would like the audio data to the right to just shift as a whole, rather than compress or stretch.

2. Also, is there a way to manually stretch or compress that audio data from the rightmost flex marker to the end of the region?

My ideal method of fixing up timing of a region of audio:
- Add flex markers, moving from left to right
- put each one in time as I go

The problems occur in that as one gets deeper into the region, the remaining right most section often becomes very fast or very streeeeeetched ooooouuut....depending on whether the performance was, on average, slower or faster than the desired tempo. I would prefer that the data to the right just shifts as I go, rather than compressing or expanding.

Thank you!


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Finding the answer to this question is why I joined the group. I would like a way for flextime not to treat the right hand region boundary as a flex marker. I want to move a transient and have all the music that comes after it slide forward with its current speed in tact. I've seen more than one person post about this on various forums over the years and replies tend to question why anyone would want to do it, rather than engage on the possibility. I want to do it! Lots of people want to do it! Seems like a most basic way to use the tool. Have you found an answer Descartes? Can anyone else help? Thank you!
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