Logic Pro X Flex Time/Pitch Glitch


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Over the past two weeks I've run into a problem when switching between flex pitch, flex time, and back to flex pitch. If I make edits in flex pitch, then adjust things in flex time, then go back to flex pitch, the section that was flex timed went to one bar for that section with the wave forms still appearing in place.

I've spoken with apple support and, after clearing preferences, caches, and reinstalling logic, now instead of having the section worked on glitch as stated above, the whole section vanishes. Any area of the track not flex timed still remains visable.

Has anyone else run into this and do you have a solution?


Sorry no solution to offer other than Flex everything is super glitchy and has been since the beginning. You would think Apple would have got this better after all the years flex has been around but it’s not.

My suggestion is if you have another software that can do the same thing use that. I use Melodyne and while it is expensive it just works every time.

The only thing I use flex for is multitrack drum editing in the flex slicing mode - which works well if you do things in the right order.
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