Logic Pro 9 Flex Time w/o beat mapping?



I hope these questions are all for naught and that everything I've done thus far is OK....

I have some studio-recorded tracks (w/Protools) of human musicians playing w/o a click that I've been working on at home (in Logic), doing both tracking of guitar parts and editing of the audio occasionally in some of the other tracks.
I'm also kind of a DAW newbie in many ways even though I've been using Logic since the Notator days, so bear with me.

I'd been meaning to find an excuse to get around to learning about Flex Time editing and since this project had lots of timing issues that I wanted to try and address I thought that this would be a good time to do it.
So I just dove in w/o reading the manual very much except when I thought I had to.

At any rate, all the edits I've done (moving note attack times and some duration changes as well) sound fine to me when I listen here on my HS80ms so I'm assuming that they'll sound fine when I go back into the studio and import my audio files back into the original Protools projects.

But I've stumbled across some Logic Support documents that make it appear as if Flex Time editing needs to be synchronized with Logic's beat structure for the project in order for Flex Time to work properly.
These tracks were done w/o a click and I have not tried to create a beat map of any kind (yet) for any of these projects.

Again, my edits all sound fine.
But have I done anything that would in any way be detrimental to the audio quality of these tracks by not starting with beat-mapping the projects prior to using Flex Time?

My process was essentially to create at least 3 Flex Markers with the transient that I intend to time-shift being the middle Marker thus ensuring that the audio stays where it's supposed to be relative to 1st marker as well as the song start position.
I had a few issues with some other transient markers that sometimes made the time-shifted audio warble a bit, but after removing those transient markers (in the Sample Editor) all my edits sound quite natural to me.
Well, you can do it to the beat structure or simple just create your own flex markers and move the parts to where you want them to be.

So it sounds like you are ok.
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Its also easy in logic to select the region then under "audio" click "detect tempo" and see what the tempo is. Logic will then ask if you want to change the project over to that tempo. Sometimes with polyphonic parts logic has trouble so you can always add a beat counter under metering in the track insert. Hope this helps.
I also bounce tracks before I flex them so there are no worries about destructive editing.
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