Logic Pro 9 flex tool key command assign?


hi, ive just got Logic 9 and am very impressed with the flex tool.
I was assigning my old key commands from logic 8 manually, and set R as Record Toggle.
Then I assigned the Key Commands for the tools I use most. I wanted to assign the Flex Tool to one, but it isnt there in the list of tools.
When I press Escape, the Flex tool has an 'R' next to it, which i think is the standard logic key command. Since I have already assigned R to something else, I am trying to set the key command for the flex tool manually, but with no luck, since it doesnt come up where the tools are under key commands.

Does anyone know a way around this?

thanks in advance

Dr Z
There doesn't seem to be a dedicated key command for the flex tool specifically. Which seems to be an odd inconsistent omission! In any case, hitting escape followed by R will get you there.
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hey thanks for answering so promptly.
thats a bit silly they dont allow you to assign it. ill make do with escape then R.
dr Z
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