Logic Pro 9 Flexing 2 Bass tracks and Phase-Lock message...

Andre Favreau

I'm getting this message saying I need to ajust the length of my Regions before selecting Phase-Lock for Flex editing.

I don't understand because my regions really do start and end at the same tick.

Also, I recorded my bass through a DI and through a bass amp head (no speaker) at the same time . Would that be the right way to edit them together for flex editing? I did it on another song and it worked fine, but I'm wondering if Phase lock is necessary since there are no leaks on the tracks.

Here's the message I get



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Yes, you need them to be phase locked or the sound will change on every edit.

I'd just select both regions, put the song pointer before they bass starts and split them, they'll have the same start time then and you should be able to phase lock them.
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