Logic Pro Folder problem


I've been converting folders into Track Stacks, and all has gone smoothly until I got to the vocals.

I enclose 3 images:

1. the contents of the vocal folder = 5 tracks
2. the main window with the vocal folder on track 82 'Melodyne distorts'
3. the main window after I unpack folder using existing tracks.

after unpacking the 5-track folder, I expect to see those 5 tracks in the main window.

Why do I only see one?



thanks. Before I read your reply I created a second Main Window, created new tracks at the top level and assigned them to the same channels, then dragged the regions across.
This was very clunky!. the dragged regions didn't want to go on the tracks, they insisted on going to other, unrelated tracks, and in the wrong positions. Once plastered, apparently randomly, in the top layer, I had to drag them to the correct tracks, then spot them to their original time position. Not only new to Track Stacks, I'm fairly new to Folders, too. Is the behaviour I described familiar to anyone?

If the old folders are this buggered, I won't touch them in future.

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As an after thought, you could have used Paste at Original Position in your scenario above.

Given that the new Track Stacks are a very eloquent solution, it doesn't make sense to use the old folders anymore. Having said that, I'm sure someone will prove me wrong.😀

Not sure why you're having this issue with Folders at this time.
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> you could have used Paste at Original Position

I tried that - it simply pasted the region back inside the folder.
I should have tried creating completely new channel strips - too late now

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hmm. I'll try that next time. I have many more folders that need upgrading in the same overall project.

What bugs me is why I could unpack other folders but not this one.
Could there be a restriction on unpacking folders that contain comps?
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