Logic Pro 9 Folders?


Hello, all -

What's the verdict on Track Folders (which are really Region Folders)?
They seem like a good way to organize large projects, grouping similar instruments.

However, the first project where I extensively used folders became suddenly corrupted...."Damaged Project". See thread here:


Perhaps this was a coincidence. Now I've begun searching on other forums and found similar reports. For example:


So, are Track Folders safe to use in Logic?

It seems odd to me that absolutely none of the Logic 8 or Logic 9 demo projects which shipped with the programs actually use folders at all. Does this imply that folder usage is not really recommended?

Any feedback is welcome.

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As with everything, use at your own risk. I always do a "save as" with a number assigned to the end of the project name as I go. I also backup after every session. Finally, when I know I'm done editing a track folder I might copy it and merge it, hiding the original. I come from Digital Performer so for me I'm gonna use them as it's what I know. Seems clunky to not use them. I wish the midi folders worked the same as I'm still trying to figure out my work flow with those. I usually end up duplicating the track and end up with kind of mess on certain instruments. Depends on what I'm recording.
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I truly prefer working with Folders than without. Of course, I would rather have expandable Track Folders, rather than the current Region Folders (misnamed "Track Folders") which one cannot view in the context of the larger arrangement, but the current functionality is better than nothing.

DB, you are correct in saying "use at your own risk". Still it is wise to assess the risks: Some features in Logic are more stable than others. If indeed the Folders are as buggy and potentially disastrous as all that, then it's time to inform the powers that be at Apple. Perhaps not many Logicians even use Folders?

I also made the move from DP (although about 5 years ago). DP - and even Cubase - have much better track organization in this way.

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