Logic Studio apps Found a Solution for my MainStage Metronome issue.

I liked your button solution to show beat count and give you a metronome when needed.

Regarding effects printed with your loop - that should work. It depends on how you have your audio routing set up. Loopback plug-ins can be set up at the patch level in either an instrument CS or and Aux CS, and at the set or concert level as an Aux CS. How you route is up to you......
More experimenting...

Got this thing working sorta, hit a couple bugs still even after the 2.1.1 update, but I'm actually enjoying it a little...

I'm looking forward to the next major MainStage update I have a feeling Loopback and Playback options will really be expanded? Don't forget great sampling options, I know that I still need to explore Ultrabeat. Would be nice to have something like the "Midi Activity" light for the metronome with different colors for the down beat... Something!

I think Apple would be wise to make this a much more user friendly application/interface, with this more in depth "programming" type stuff available only in its deeper depths. MainStage has a lot of potential! Musicians like to focus on their music, that's why I don't write my own software. I want to plug in my ish, click a few things, assign the buttons and go, not take two weeks trying to figure out how to make it do what I want! I hate that I get so distracted by software and hardware requirements! NOTHING IS SIMPLE! ;-)


Here's my latest offering...
An addition to the previous...
You might have to resize things to get them to fit. Good luck!
Almost forgot...

The thing about the effects was indeed the Loopback's placement. Assigned below the effects on the channel strip it did pick everything up for the exported loop. Run off the main out strip, same result. You could loop the whole band from there! I just figured out to give the whole band a drink break at once! ;-)

Still a little buggy it seems during setup... If I open all four instances for the loopback to make adjustments and use control W repeatedly to close them, the program will close the first instance, then next - the file. I have no real world experience with it yet. I just had it crash taking it out of perform mode. I might have to give it a live run one of these days and see how stable it is when you're not "programming".

Apple, you'd be hard pressed to get me from Reason for the stage (keys only). Unless they dongle their ish. Who dongles musician's software? DUMB! I was far enough along with my bass and guitar rigs that a computer would be very alien to me, all though... The thing I would use this program for and it's foothold in the market (in my opinion) would be for functional solo, loop and sample based acts. You'd grab users of every other software with that. It'd have to be smooth! I plan on using MainStage for a solo open stage one night once I figure it out. -Most have given up by now, gone the hardware route-

(above) Just a gentile tip, hint, suggestion...

The Propellerheads didn't listen regarding some key ideas about Line 6's integration with Record and the stupid dongle, Line 6's ridiculously buggy software and their oversized hardware dongles. DONGLES STICKING OUT OF EVERY AVAILABLE SLOT ON THE BOARD... DON'T TOUCH IT, YOU MIGHT BREAK OR LOSE A DONGLE! Then again, why would they listen? We were just single, end user BETA testers!

Notice I've been around here a little more ever since?

I'm just a musician, what do I know? So much glorious integration not realized. Stubbed their toe out the gate with their own complexity. SO... I would say there's a huge opportunity here if handled right. ?!~ ;-)

Does anyone from Apple even read these forums?

Loopback Sample Files: