Free EWQL PLAY Orchestral instrument...

Just downloaded and installed it this morning. It works and sounds great. But it is surprising how few instruments there actually are considering the size of the download! Not that I'm complaining mind you, it's free after all:D Just an observation....
It looks like the free version is a high quality teaser.

I really like the polished sound of the instruments in this player. But reverb is part of the recorded sound. I clicked on the Reverb ON button thinking it would turn off reverb. It added even more instead.

So the sound is very seductive but limits options when wanting to create a different sounding space. But maybe drier sounds are part of the complete packages.

I'm very impressed with this.
The EW Play Orchestra is certainly very impressive and I do like the Hollywood soundtrack in a box sound quality.

But due to budgetary reasons I just ordered the Kirk Hunter Ruby library for the EXS24 on a hard drive.

Trying to decide between the Kontakt vs EXS24 decision was difficult and honestly could have been a matter of a flip of the coin.

At any rate, it's big bang for the buck. The sale is supposedly over after today.

Happy New Year.:thmbup: