Free piano lessons for Logic instruction


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Hello all,
I am a Juilliard graduate and experienced piano teacher living in Brooklyn, New York. I need help with Logic and will offer free piano lessons in exchange for that help. Thanks.
How much help do you need?

How many hours would be involved? I'm located on Long Island and am logic certified... are you looking for Logic 101 help, or are you looking for help because you need to perform a specific job function (like scoring to picture...)
Hi, Eddie,
I don't know how many hours would be required, as I'm a total beginner. My wish is to learn to input a score and also to manage live recording. I would be happy to give lessons on an equivalent basis, i.e. an hour lesson for an hour of Logic, etc. Of course, I realize that my location my be inconvenient for you, as you're on Long Island. In any case, let me know and thanks for replying to my post.


Robert Schulslaper
Hi Eddie,
If you are over in London i would be happy to do a swap!!
Good luck- In the meantime I would recommend the pro logic books as a good starting point-then you will have a better idea of what you really need to know.
Kind regards
Hi Sheila,
Thanks for responding to my post and for the advice. Actually, Eddie is not the person who is offering piano lessons. Rather, I am (My name is Robert, alias Philolog). I don't imagine I'll be visiting London any time soon, although it's certainly an enticing prospect. Perhaps you'll be in the New York area someday, at which time I'd be happy to fulfill my promise of free lessons to anyone who can help me with Logic (I'm hopeless with manuals and am convinced that the best way for me to learn is by one-to-one instruction.

All the best,