Logic Pro 9 freeze problem


when I freeze a track, sometimes the result is fine. Other times, a frozen track will disappear, or play much louder (or quieter) than it should, etc. When freezing multiple tracks, this results in complete havoc and renders the mix useless. Unfreezing brings everything back to normal. Anyone know what's happening and how to avoid it?
it's hard for me to believe no one else has experienced this...(?)

another thing that happens is that sometimes Logic will allow a frozen track to be solo'd, and other times it won't... for no apparent reason.
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okay, I was going to start a new thread about this, but realized that I posted this one two years ago. Since then I've encountered the problem in several versions of Logic (8 and 9) on several different machines in several studios. It's not consistent or predictable, but in addition to the mess described in my first two posts, I can add that sometimes when solo-ing a frozen track, another track will solo along with it. This also happens when using the "s" key to solo a highlighted track-another track will play along.

Un-freezing the tracks makes the problem go away.

I'm actually quite surprised that in two years, no one has responded to my posts...it doesn't seem likely, given the variety of versions and machines I've been using, that no one else has had this problem (?)
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I guess you could switch to bouncing tracks to disk as a compromise. I rarely freeze when I archive but will freeze occasionally "for fun" when I see a vi really using a lot of CPU. Never had a problem.

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I will sometimes freeze everything that is relatively "finished" (for the time being at least) on a project that has grown to the point where the system is struggling to keep up. Sometimes it works fine, mostly I discover one of the problems mentioned. I've also had it happen when I simply freeze one track, so it's apparently not related to the number of tracks frozen. Is it possible that people in general just aren't using freeze that much (perhaps because of the prevalence of really high-powered computers)?

I've noticed that it seems to be related to some kind of interaction between tracks-for instance, when I have the issue that solo-ing one frozen track causes another track to solo as well, moving the first track to another track and copying/pasting the channel strip settings accordingly seems to make the problem go away. It's as if the tracks are "linked" somehow in a way that they shouldn't be. (I haven't tried this with some of the other situations that occur however).

Anyway, thanks for the replies. Maybe someone will read this and recognize something they're experienceing as well.
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Some suggestions:

Could it be a corrupt song template? Have you tried with a fresh template?

I have found that accidentally having Universal track mode OFF caused weird "linked" tracks sometimes (UTM should normally be ON.) If you set the mixer widow to show "all" you can sometimes see what is wrong.
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This is strange, I never had this problem in 4 years of logic (8 and 9). And I work a lot with VI so freezing happens a lot for me when I'm almost finished composing but not ready to mix.

I'd like to know the cause of it though if you ever get to find it!
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