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After using Performer and Digital Performer for 13 year, I'm considering switching to Logic after a week of use. However, I cannot find some functions that I consider important and ask for your help with one in specific:

- I have found how to use KEY COMMANDS to change the patches of virtual instruments on the fly in order to search for the 'right' sound (next/previous channel strip settings shortcuts) BUT I cannot find similar shortcuts to change the patches on my external MIDI devices, having to do it manually which is time consuming and requires me to keep looking at the screen instead of the keyboard.
Is there such shortcut or can I create one?

Thank you!
Hi KT,

Welcome to Logic! There are two things i can suggest that may help you with what you are after.

1. When working in the Inspector, Logic remembers the last touched control and responds to the +/- keys to increment/decrement the value of the most recently selected parameter. So, with either a MIDI Instrument or Multi Instrument track selected in the instrument portion of the Inspector, check the checkbox for program changes on. Then choose a program change in the field to the right. After that you can use the +/- buttons to increment/decrement program change messages being sent out.

2. If you are using a Multi Instrument, double click it to open it up. You will see banks of listed patch names. You can use the four arrow keys to navigate through the list, and if memory serves, appropriate program change messages will be sent. And the advantage to this is that you can navigate horizontally as well as just next/previous (vertically).
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