Logic Pro 9 From Stereo to Mono?

Andre Favreau


I should know this, but how do you convert a Stereo file to Mono? I'd like to keep both sides...

My file is just a one hour speech, so I want to make my file lighter for the net by making it mono. How should I do this?

-Convert the 24bit stereo file to mono before I make an mp3 out of it?
-Or just convert it to mono while compressing to an mp3?

Thanks for your help

I would try bouncing 24bit to mp3 64k mono. This will sound as good as 128k stereo and it should sum to mono ok. Compare to original of course.
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I can see how to select 64k to compress a mono file, but I don't see how to compress a stereo file to mono. Am I missing something?

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A workaround is to open the audio file in STP, and convert it to mono (thru the process menu). You can choose between using the left or right channel or combining both.
Save as new audio file and you're done.
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Here's another way to do it:

Put your audio file on a mono audio track.

Assign that track to a mono output (ie: output 1 _or_ output 2; not output 1-2)

Create a mono output object corresponding to the output you set (above).

Hit the "bnce" button on that mono output object.
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