Logic Pro 9 Funny EVP88 Issue


Has anybody else experienced that the tremelo intensity on EVP88 resets itself when you hit play. I work on the the last version that works with G5 (.02 or .03, I don't remember).
Set it to any level, hit play and you're back to 0. I haven't checked with other songs and the one that behaved strangely was started in Logic 8 on a Macbook Pro.
I had to automate it to be able to adjust it.
By default, the EVP is using CC01 (Modulation) to control Tremolo intensity. And, also by default, Logic is resetting CC01 on each play command. No idea whether the first can be changed, but the latter can. There's some preference for resetting controllers. You may want to switch that off. There's also a "no reset" checkbox for each instrument track, maybe that'll do the trick already.

- Sascha
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This I'm sure is the explanation which of course makes sense when the project is imported from another guys system and not based on my own autoload.

Thanks a lot
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