Logic Pro 9 G5 and LS9

My copy will arrive on Tuesday and will give this a run. I have both types of systems to compare results, in case a partial install is possible on G5s.
Stay tuned....
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Apple hasn't crippled Logic9 so it won't work on a G5, and it's still a Universal Binary (this means: works on Intel and PPC chips). It just isn't supported or recommended. Use at your own risk. Wear safety goggles and have a fire extinguisher handy! Sign your organ donor card! Finish your bucket list!
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In case an install on a g5 does indeed work, but performance is sucktacular...is it possible to have L8 and L9 coexist on the same machine, or is it either/or? Anyone found out yet?
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I finally got to install mine on my Macbook Pro. I then proceeded to 'research' the installer requirements and nowhere I saw or detected an 'Intel' only path. This, in addition to all components being Universal binaries, clears the prolonging G5 systems a while longer.

It's time to start saving though... the writing is on the wall.

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