Logic Pro 9 Garageband leapfrogs Logic

Colin Shapiro

I think this topic belongs here because it relates to Logic 9 features....

The latest Garageband has inherited FlexTime from Logic but also gained Groove Matching which wasn't in Logic 9 last time I looked. :eeek:

All the new features here:

I sincerely hope Logic 9.3 or Logic 10 is bubbling and brewing in some back room at Apple....
I don't have GarageBand 11, so I can't say anything for certain. But my guess is that "Groove Matching is simply the process of creating Flex Markers from another audio files transients. (you can use the Flex tool to drag/lock markers from one track to the others, you can make a groove template, etc).

So I doubt any new technology was invented, but simply a more user friendly UI was put on functionality that already exists within Logic.

FWIW, I would love to see UI enhancements with Flex Time, and Groove matching vs. the more time consuming process of making/applying groove templates or dragging Flex markers would be great!

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We can already do that:

Take your track and flex marker it, then take your loop and make a quantize template from it, apply the quantize to your audio track and your done.

One thing to ALWAYS remember: these demo's are always optimized to look and sound perfect on a single very fast pass... reality is never like the way they show it... right ;-)
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Just from reading the description it appears that Logic can do that already anyway. But even if it can't, sometimes Garageband will get a feature before Logic (like AppleLoops) and then by the time it's in Logic it has been redesigned for the better. I'd rather let the consumers be the testers for new stuff.
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I obviously knew that this was possible in Logic. I was really just drawing attention to the (apparent) simplicity of the new feature in Garageband, as a "one-click" fixit thing.

Sadly this will just create tens of thousands more seemingly good tracks out of badly played material. In order to stand out these days though, you still need the only feature that Garageband will never provide - true talent! :cool:
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One thing to ALWAYS remember: these demo's are always optimized to look and sound perfect on a single very fast pass... reality is never like the way they show it... right ;-)

Words of wisdom, George :)

What struck me was, if this is in keeping with other features in GB (often being scaled down from Logic), what aspects of Flextime are missing? As an example - are there KCs to increase/decrease transients detected being used? I don't think I ever used flex without making use of these.

kind regards

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WRT the flex time implementation in GB, that video looked like it just had the flex tool functionality. IOW, no "under the hood" kind of manipulation like we get in Logic's flex view where we can create three flex markers based on transients with a single click, etc.

WRT video presentations, let me just say that A LOT of work and prep goes into those "looks and sounds perfect on a single fast pass" moments :D
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Also looks like GB'11 doesn't allow for transient markers to be created, delete and edited. This makes a massive difference when using flex in Logic!

I'd also question the different flex algorithms available in GB'11. In Logic we currently have slicing, rhythmic, monophonic, polyphonic, tempophone and speed. Does anyone know which of these Garageband uses for it's flex feature?

from past experience, it's no surprise that GB will gain features from Logic (and sometimes it appears to the outside world that this happens vice versa), but the Logic has always been more advanced and for features they share, GB has stripped down version of the same technology.
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I got GB'11 yesterday since it's free of charge (well $49 then) and have never used it before but I think it's a good thing that it exists. What they are doing mostly is simplifying things and some of this works very well. Only tried it like one hour but noticed that all knobs and sliders are automatically on my mouse-wheel, just hover around over anything and it moves. A good thing. I also did like the quick-look function of GB projects since they not only show the arrange-window when hitting the space-bar on them but plays the song... Then I can audition projects without opening them! and listen where I want in the song including the end part directly. It's very good.

Haven't had time to check the flex more than briefly but it does work. It gives the opportunity to quantize audio in general (however GB decides where the flex-markers are made) and so I light up a transient and move it. If I want to limit the area to be affected I set a left and right marker and it works well. The Apple policy is good adding functions from Logic and well-working simplicity from GB. Being an GUI-guy myself I think software with clever UI's wins the day since many functions are shared by many developers.

PS. I bought iLife to get green-screen for my videos and that works simply with a one-click only, one-click only (however limited to green color back-grounds only not blue. ..OK I can live with that. So all in all '11 gets my liking, it's all good for $49.
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